How To Dress For The Office? Must-Have Items For Working Women!

 It’s women’s eternal dilemma: what do I wear? And for many it comes up every day before going to the office. Getting dressed to go to work is often a nuisance: in the morning we are sleepy, we have a thousand things to do and think about and choosing what to wear is often a worry that adds to the endless list.

The ideal clothing for the office is reflected in the business-casual style: elegant, yet comfortable, that makes you look professional, but also makes you feel at ease- perhaps without betraying your personal style too much.

We have designed for you a simple guide with some essential women’s clothes that every woman who goes to work every day should have in the wardrobe. Here are some style tips that, we hope, will be useful to you!


It is the most versatile dress: with a sheath dress you will make a beautiful figure in simplicity on any occasion! It should be every woman’s best friend because it looks good on everyone and can be elegant, sensual and serious at the same time.

For work, a sheath dress that covers the arms a little and reaches the knee is ideal. Black is timeless, but for a change you can also choose colored sheath dresses, to be combined with accessories of neutral colors.


Even a white shirt as a casual dress is eternal and will never go out of style. Born to dress men, it has rightfully entered among the most worn garments also by women. In its simplicity it is very elegant and can be combined with a skirt or trousers for an impeccable and refined look.

For the warmer months it goes perfectly on its own, while with a jacket it is perfect for when it’s colder. It can be in cotton or silk, fitted or straight, classic or enriched with some unusual detail, such as a dark profile, an embroidery or a martingale on the back.

To make women’s clothes more stylish, you can add some accessories, such as a long necklace, or choose one with inserts and decorations.


The jacket is also a must of the clothing that we stole from the men’s suit. To be worn over the shirt, the jacket is a modern yet classic garment. Shapes change over time: current fashion favors fairly long blazers that accompany them, with semi-padded shoulders. For an elegant look, however, the blazer is just the icing on the cake!


For those who don’t like the skirt, the pants are a godsend! And with a well-made black cigarette pair, you are never wrong! You can choose to wear trousers with a leaner or softer cut, but the important thing is that they are not too long so that they can also be worn with flat shoes.

So girls, what are your office essentials? Do you love the business-casual dresses look or do you prefer a different style?

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